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The Yogini Jam | AZIAM Girlz
The Yogini Jam | AZIAM Girlz
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The AZIAM Girlz band is called "The Yogini's" and Dara is their lead singer and guitarist. Their first hit song, The Yogini Jam, is making waves worldwide as a fun, catchy hip hop expression of Living True, Be You, As I Am!

Watch the music video here:

Lyrics / Vocals: Alanna Zabel
Guitar: Tommy Z
Composition: Tommy Z & Roger Bellon
Girl Power Cuff | AZIAM Yoga & Active Wear
AZIAM Girl Power Cuff - Asana
Our Price: $11.50
Sale Price: $8.50

Each AZIAM Girlz Yoga Doll comes with a sparkly, colorful slap band Girl Power Cuff bracelet that doubles as the doll's yoga mat when laid flat. Asana's Power Cuff is yellow (her favorite color) and features colorful peace signs and flowers with the words "I AM Active" creatively designed throughout the artwork.

The World's First Yoga Doll | AZIAM Girlz | Asana
Asana™ Yoga Doll
Our Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $19.95

The World's First Yoga Doll™, Asana is a Yoga Girl who loves to work out, practice yoga and have fun! Based on the 3rd Limb of Yoga, Asana represents the physical practice of keeping one's body aligned and fit.
Nama Om Dawg | AZIAM Yoga & Active Wear
Nama the Om Dawg™
Our Price: $19.95

Nama the Om Dawg is the pet companion of Asana. He is wonderfully goofy and loves practicing yoga with Asana. The plush doll version speaks, "Nama-STAY" when his belly is squeezed.
Dharma Kitty | AZIAM Yoga & Active Wear
Dharma Kitty™
Our Price: $19.95

Dharma Kitty™ is a zen and wise pet companion to Pratya, part of the AZIAM Girlz Yoga Doll collection. He gives her funny and wise advice. Dharma Kitty's paws velcro together, his hind legs are sewn in a lotus meditation pose, and he wears a monk robe. Read about Dharma Kitty's adventures with Pratya in the book, Dharma Kitty Goes to Mars!
Mono Risa | AZIAM Yoga & Active Wear
Mono Risa™
Our Price: $19.95

Mono Risa is the monkey pet companion to Niyama, Nature Girl. Mono Risa translates, "Laughing Monkey" in Spanish. Mono Risa lives in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil where she grows sweet tasting coconuts, and she even laughs in her sleep! The plush doll version laughs when her left paw is squeezed. Learn about the healing herbs in the Amazon, as well as experiencing the Mono Maze Funhouse in the book Mono Risa's Coconuts.
Asana Combo Package | AZIAM Yoga & Active Wear
Asana™ Combo
Our Price: $69.00

Receive 25% off your total price when you purchase the entire Asana package! This includes: