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WRAP01   Ananda Wrap
TK02-GP   Aria Tank - Goddess Problems
TK02-GR-HP   Aria Tank - Happy is Never Boring
TK02-GR-ME   Aria Tank - I'll Do Me, You Do You
TK02-NV   Aria Tank - Perfectly Imperfect
TK02-SD   Aria Tank - Soul Digger
HB02   Art Band
ATH02   Artemis Sport Top
MED-21   As I Am - 21 AM Meditations - Complete Set
ASIAM-AUD   As I Am Audiobook
GROP01   Asana Pant
BOOK-ASANA   Asana's First Yoga Class
COMBO-ASANA   Asana™ Combo
DOLL-03   Asana™ Yoga Doll
ASIA01   Asia Pant
RETREAT-ASTR   Astrology Yoga Retreat at La Costa Resort
CAMI03   Atalanta Cami Tank
ATH01   Athena V-Neck Sport Top
CUFF-ASANA   AZIAM Girl Power Cuff - Asana
CP-NYS   AZIAM Yoga 10 Class OR Monthly Unlimited Package
CP-LS-ODD   AZIAM Yoga One Day Detox™ Retreat
TTYOGA   AZIAM Yoga Teacher Trainings
GLTK01-GIP   Bala Tank - Goddess in Progress
GLTK01-LYG   Bala Tank - Little Yoga Goddess
BOOK-04   Being Rosie
PNT01-CH   Chakra Pant - Charcoal
PNT01-EG   Chakra Pant - Eggplant
PNT01-MB   Chakra Pant - Marble
PNT01-NV   Chakra Pant - Navy / Om Cross
UNI01   Dakini Jumpsuit
MTHM01   Daniel Henley Thermal
DLTK-01   Dawg Lover Tank - Om Dawg
GCC01   Demi Capri
RETREAT-DETOX-DHS   Detox Yoga Retreat in Desert Hot Springs
SST02   Devi Tee
JKT01   Dharma Jacket
PLUSH-KITTY   Dharma Kitty™
SCF01-DL   Double Layer Scarf
CPR02-LIME   Durga Capri - Lime Marble
CPR02-OCEAN   Durga Capri - Ocean Art
CPR02-SPACE   Durga Capri - Space Art
CPR02-TIGER   Durga Capri - Tiger Art
SST03-ELE   Eco Tee - Elephant
SST03-LB   Eco Tee - Little Buddha
SST03-TIG   Eco Tee - Tiger
DVD02-BY   Element Beginner Level Yoga
DVD02-CC   Element Cardio + Conditioning Yoga
SWEAT_OD_BL   Flash Dawg Sweatshirt - Give A Dawg An Om
SWEAT_REAL   Flash Sweatshirt - REAL
SWEAT_TODAY   Flash Sweatshirt - Today is the Day
SWEAT_ME   Flash Sweatshirt - Unapologetic Me
TUN03   Flow Tunic
GYM-GIP   Goddess in Progress™ Yoga Mat
BK-GURUJI   Guruji's Gift
BOOK-YAMA   Hanging Zen
HB01   Hope Band
MED-MG   I AM a Modern Goddess Meditation
MED-01-12   I AM Authentic - As I Am, The Dharma Zone
MED-01-18   I AM Compassionate - As I Am, The Dharma Zone
MED-01-08   I AM Energy & Light - As I Am, The Dharma Zone
MED-01-17   I AM Grateful - As I Am, The Dharma Zone
MED-01-03   I AM Whole - As I Am, The Dharma Zone
YOGI-FLASH   I AM Yogi Twist™ Flash Card Set
TANK03-IJ   Inversion Junkie Racerback Tank
UNI02   Iris Jumpsuit
KALI-TANK-5   Kali-fornia Chakra Tank - AZIAM (5th Chakra)
KALI-TANK-2   Kali-fornia Chakra Tank - FLOW (2nd Chakra)
KALI-TANK-3   Kali-fornia Chakra Tank - I AM (3rd Chakra)
KALI-TANK-6   Kali-fornia Chakra Tank - IN 2 IT (6th Chakra)
KALI-TANK-4   Kali-fornia Chakra Tank - LOVE (4th Chakra)
KALI-TANK-7   Kali-fornia Chakra Tank - NAMASTE (7th Chakra)
TK01-KG   Kali-fornia Girl Racerback Tank
ROC01   Karma Capri
ROP01   Karma Pant
ROP01_DYE   Karma Pant - Dip Dyed
SST01-LG   Lady Guru™ Tee
GYM-LYG   Little Yoga Goddess™ Yoga Mat
SST01-WAR   Love War Tee
CAMI02   Maia Cami Tank
SCF02   Mantra Scarf
MC-BK01   Meaningful Coincidence: Vol 1
MC01-AUD   Meaningful Coincidence: Vol 1 Audiobook
PLUSH-MONO   Mono Risa™
PLUSH-DOG   Nama the Om Dawg™
ODMT-02   Om Dawg Men's Tee Shirt
EAR01   Peace Earrings
GPNT01   Peace Pant
LG01-BLOCK   Perfect Legging - Block Art
LG01   Perfect Legging - Compression
LG01-DHARMA   Perfect Legging - Dharma Protector
LG01-DRY   Perfect Legging - DRY FIT
LG01-IAM   Perfect Legging - I AM Art
LG01-KLIMT   Perfect Legging - Klimt Art
LG01-OCEAN   Perfect Legging - Ocean Art
LG01-OG   Perfect Legging - OG (Original Goddess)
LG01-SS   Perfect Legging - Snakeskin
LG01-SPACE   Perfect Legging - Space Art
LG01-BUDDHAS   Perfect Legging - Thousand Buddhas Art
LG01-TIGER   Perfect Legging - Tiger Art
GSST01-AZ   Q Tee - AZIAM Girlz
GSST01-GG   Q Tee - Giggle G
GSST01-LV   Q Tee - Master Peace
TK01-WH   Racerback Tank - AZIAM
TK01-BIS   Racerback Tank - Believing Is Seeing
CAMI04   Savannah Sport Top
BOOK-LUZ   Searching For Light
WATER01   Stainless Steel Eco Water Bottle - 1.0L
GTHM01   Tara Thermal
test   test
BOOK-03   The Seven Doors
MP3-YJ   The Yogini Jam | AZIAM Girlz
MVT01   V-Neck Tee - Solid
SHT01-BL   Victory Short - Black
WLTK01-AZ   Wife Lover Tank - AZIAM
WLTK01-GN   Wife Lover Tank - Ganesh
WLTK01-GG   Wife Lover Tank - I Am Green
WLTK01-JH   Wife Lover Tank - I Am Pure Joy
SST01-AW   Yama Tee - I Am The Change
TT-BARRE   Yoga Barre™ / Core Vinyasa™ Sculpt Teacher Training
TANK02-YG   Yoga Goddess™ Flow Tank - 13
TANK01-YG   Yoga Goddess™ Muscle Tank - 13
DVD02-YM   Yoga Total Body Makeover

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